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What Are Agricultural or Soft Commodities?

Agricultural commodities are often referred to as ‘Soft Commodities’ are staple crops and animals produced or raised on farms or plantations or free-range.  Most soft commodities such as grains or cereals, livestock, and dairy supply a source of food for people and animals across the various countries around the globe.  What are the main Uses […]

Types of Commodities

Commodity The definition of a commodity is:  A raw material used to manufacture finished goods. Therefore, a product is the finished goods sold to consumers. That is where the main difference of a commodity vs product lies A commodity can be grown, extracted, or mined. Producers use various commodities in the manufacturing processes to turn […]

Why list with

Have You Ever Felt Like there are just too many scammers out there?  Like really, who Can you trust these days with your commodities? The answer is simple. has partnered with Experian and Intertek to provide you with world-class verifications for any supplier you may doubt. In fact, We Are Premium, and All Businesses […]