What do you do?

We are a Premium Commodity B2B Advertising Platform where genuine buyers and sellers meet.

Through our partners Experian and Intertek, we are able to provide you with world class services such as basic buyer or seller credit report and ID Verification to Risk Reports, Physical Checks, Bank Instrument and Standards Conformity in every country around the globe.

What Can I advertise?

At this point we have categories for Hard and Soft Commodities, Real Estate, Vehicles, Boats, Bikes and Services. Since Commodity can be regarded as anything that is traded and in demand, we are open to creating new categories on request. Just email us on on admin@sellmycommodity,com. 

How can I request a Verification on Myself or a Supplier?

For Self-Verification, please email us and we will send you the necessary consent forms for us to continue with verification.

In the event of you wanting to verify a supplier, we would need to seek permission from your supplier to conduct a check. 

Once the necessary permissions are granted, the requester will be charged the verification fees. Different fees apply for different levels of verification.

Email us to start the process

Who does your verifications?

We have partnered with Experian and Intertek to provide our clients with world-class verification services. 

What else can I do on the site?

We have handy features such as the Auction feature where you can auction off your goods. You can also make use of our on-site payment portal to receive your funds.